Race Detection for Hybrid Applications

We developed race detection techniques for applications using hybrid programming models combining data-flow constructs with shared memory programming model. We implemented our tool for Atomic Dataflow programming model that is developed in Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Race Detection for JavaScript Web Applications

We introduced a race detection technique for JavaScript web applications using asynchronous constructs(user interaction, server requests). We instrumented Firefox web browser for collecting traces and applied our race detection technique on real world web applications.

Behavior Exploration Techniques for Distributed Data Types

We investigated different data types used in distributed systems (Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), Cloud Types etc.) and formalized techniques for exploring possible behaviors of interactions between client and server.

Randomized Schedule Exploration for Hybrid Applications

We presented a dynamic verification technique for a class of concurrent programming models that combine dataflow and shared memory programming. We identified and illustrated a novel category of bugs in these hybrid concurrency programming models and provide a technique for randomized exploration of program behaviors in this setting.